Friday, August 8, 2014

A New Semester

We will load up this month and head to the beach and in true Becki fashion I already have lists upon lists and plans upon plans and demand upon demand in prep of the week away. 

I haven't had time to write lately. Nothing has seemed worthy. Nothing huge going on over here.  But to be honest lots and lots has been going on- just nothing I wanted to put on paper because I felt like I was swirling around in place with my eyes closed- I felt dizzy. 

We have been doing the usual. Night golf cart rides, dinners with friends, working, juggling sleep deprived summer scheduled triplets, play dates, our anniversary celebration and a quick girls trip to Dallas for some fun. Work is busy and I've fought that feeling of "is this what I'm supposed to be doing"... This season of being a mom, being a fundraiser, a friend, a wife-it's a full life. Then after questioning it- I have this amazing work week and walk away feeling so successful and GOOD about where I am.

But sometimes I feel like someone put one of those blindfolds on my face and spun me around 100 times and told me not to fall. The kids are forgiving and so is whit, but the balls I'm juggling feel heavy. But then I regroup and realize that's just life and it's just my perspective. I'm so thankful to feel heavy because that means I have all these relationships and that God has ALL these plans for ME!

I'm excited to see our beach trip unfold. I'm excited to make memories and hold these three year olds, in this fading season of wanting to be held. Last year was work at the beach and I have no doubt that this one will be too- but I'm happy to soak in all the things we do wrong in the day to day and pour into them, making it right. 
In September,  Alissa will go to part time for us and shortly after, just be our occasional sitter and friend.  This has been a much prayed over subject and we are excited about what's to come. The kids will still be at home except for their Mother's Day out day. Alissa will be growing her graphic design business and working on some creative projects. We have had an amazing 3 years with alissa and I could never describe in this space what she has meant and continues to mean to our family. Alissa was the first person outside of our family to hold our babies. She started the week after they came home from their three month stay in the NICU. She administered meds, bottles and gave baths like a pro. Machines that monitored their breathing didn't scare her and she always had an air of confidence unlike anyone else I've known. We trusted her with these tiny beings and we will forever be thankful for her compassion. Caring for triplets is a gift, one that alissa truly holds. Patience is something that not all of us have a lot of, but alissa holds buckets. She is also wise beyond her years and has taught me lessons of grace for myself, and these babies. We've made so many memories and I know these will continue because this is not the end- just a change in scenary. 

She will still live with us for now which is great for all of us. Alissa pushed me as a mom to be better and make hard choices. I tend to lean on the side of caution when it comes to them and in turn, hold them back. She has pushed me to make bold choices for them.  When people would ask how long we would have alissa with us I always jokingly said, " we would like to have her until the kids are 18" I really wasn't joking. But reality is- we all need growth and our memories will grow richer in the days to come. 

So, lots of fall happenings over here. I'm excited for a new "semester" in our lives and new air in our home. I can't wait to post some beach trip pics!

Hope you are all soaking up the last days of summer and taking lots of pics! Happy Friday friends!

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